3 Pieces of Art that your family would LOVE this Christmas

December 08, 2017

Can you even believe it's December already?? I am pretty sure yesterday I was jumping in the pool and wearing flip-flops around town! Now it is snowing outside and us folks in Upstate SC are COLD! However, I know there are a lot of people out there, like me, who are ecstatic to see the Christmas tree up in the living room, the music on the radio, and all the Christmas parties!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

(now you will have that song in your head all day, you're welcome!)


The snow is falling outside and a warm candle is burning here at Kristin Clardy Photography. It has me in a deep thought kind of mood. Today, I am thinking about time, memories, and artwork. I am thinking about families and beautiful wall displays in their home! I am thinking about the glow on mom's face when she opens her gift on Christmas morning to find beautiful portraits of her children ready to hang on her walls. I am thinking about the dad who, when his children are grown and out on their own, will stop and take a few seconds out of each day to reminisce on the memories he has of each child as they grew up while he passes by the canvas his wife and him purchased at a family portrait session. 

What if you could hold your life in your hands? What if each time you walked into your living-room or bedroom you saw the sweet smile of your baby? 

Today, we are looking at 3 pieces of art that your family would love this Christmas. 

Investing in wall-art is a gift that keeps giving. Photos last longer than any other material object you could purchase. Portraits hold the most meaning and receive the most love. What is the one thing you would go back and retrieve if your home was in danger? Not your computer... probably your wedding album right? Your mother's family album that has been passed down to you? Why? Because printed photos speak a thousand more words and feelings than a digital photo that has been long forgotten on a CD. 

I promise it is not too late to sit down and invest in one of a kind art for the whole family!

Kristin Clardy Photography offers framed prints, stand out canvas mounts, bamboo mounted portraits, and 5x7 and 8x10 mounted gift prints. Wall art comes ready to hang!

Call the studio today and lets talk about wall-art, the best gift you could ever give!

Give the gift of life long memories and artwork that your family is guaranteed to love for generations!