Aubrey is ONE {Kristin Clardy Photography SC, Children's Photographer}

July 03, 2017  •  1 Comment

I love me some Aubrey! You will too after seeing these adorable photos!

Aubrey did super good during her first birthday session! Her daddy built her tent and her mommy made those cute, cute, deer-ear hair clips! They are talented!

Aubrey was all smiles and wanted to eat every dandelion she found! (How cute!)

Oh, and I think cake is her new favorite discovery. If she could talk I think she would tell you that cake is one of the best things she has encountered during her first year of life. 

Also.. I believe the woodland theme is my new favorite theme! One day when I have kids (20 years from now) I think everything is going woodland creature theme... We'll see!

What a sweet blessing Aubrey is! 

Happy (late) first birthday sweet girl!





Sheila Butts(non-registered)
These are so Beautiful, just as Little Aubrey..
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