Knox Whiten - Class of 2018 (Seneca, SC Photographer)

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Knox Whiten, remember that name! You're going to want to know that name because he's going places!

I am so excited to share Knox's senior portraits with you all, but I am even more excited to brag on him a little! This guy deserves to be bragged on! He has worked so hard his whole high school career, I'm proud to know him!

Knox graduated this year from Oconee Christian Academy in Seneca. He had all A's his WHOLE high school career! (I don't even know what that looks like... cough, A's, B's, and C's girl right here). He was part of many clubs/organizations at OCA including Beta Club, Student Government, the boost team, and International Club. Knox also attended Palmetto Boys State last summer (YEAH! Go Knox!)! 


Knox played varsity basketball and soccer at OCA. He was on the golf team for SEVEN years and he won FOUR state championships!

During his senior golf season he won the individual state championship and the team championship!


This Fall, he is attending Florida State University. There, he is majoring in Finance and Sports Management!

He is excited about studying at Florida State because he plans to get involved! Knox plans to be a part of the Seminole Student Booster Club, the club golf team, and he wants to join a fraternity as well! Sounds like he will make lots of new friends and have a great time!

Knox has accomplished so much and I know he will continue to accomplish many exciting things! I told you he was awesome!

Share this post with your friends and family! Leave a little message congratulating Knox on all he has done! I can't wait to continue to see the big and exciting things Knox will do in the future! He has a great head on his shoulders and he is smart! He will go so far!! 


Knox! Go out there and kick butt! You're probably going to be famous... so be sure to remember your photographer!  :)


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